Woo Hoo I Won Something! Earthdawn Rocks!

It is a bit of a funny story actually!  I knew Earthdawn Appreciation Day was on 14 June.  At the start they mentioned something about prizes but I did not really pay any attention to it.  I wrote my Klim story on the 14th of June 2013 after playing Edge of Space at LUGCon and tipped off +R.S. Tilton  that I had done so which I thought was so he could advertise the entry on his blog.  My post then got pointed out to +Andrew Ragland and a couple of others who were judging it.  I advised Andrew that I did not know it was a contest and that I was doing it for the love of it!  He said that was fine and I thought nothing else of it.

This morning I am checking my notifications and +R.S. Tilton had sent me a message advising the winners were waiting on me to receive their prize.  I go to his site and I won second prize!!!!  I love Earthdawn and now I can love it a little more with a couple of Earthdawn PDF’s for my iPad!

Click here to read my entry 🙂

Already on a winner of a day!  Thanks very much and PLAY EARTHDAWN!  It is a great game.  The win has inspired me to write a post in the PBeM I run over the weekend!  Thanks for organising this and to FASA for sponsoring the prizes.

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