Woo Hoo! Pathfinder MMO Kickstarter Gets Over the Line

I am a relative newcomer to the MMORPG for PC and Mac genre.  In fact the first one I have played is Guild Wars II so I was pretty excited when I read about the Pathfinder Technology Demo Kickstarter by Goblinworks which got funded by over 600%.   I had funded that Kickstarter at the $100 level and was pleased for the company to continue on with the building of the game.

Then they started another kickstarter, which to be honest, I was a bit offended at.  We had pledged the money to allow them to get the backers but they then wanted us to pledge 20 times as much to get the game done a year earlier than planned!  I ignored the kickstarter for as long as I could before I got sucked in by the constant emails from kickstarter and the mentions on the blog.  Before too long I was a whole hearted supporter again and pledged it a further $100 to ensure I got invited in first month on the open Beta.  I am a tragic.  As I type these words the Kickstarter is not quite finished but it is a matter of minutes.  I cannot wait for the MMO to get created and released next year!  Check out the Kickstarter here and the blog here.

See you all online next year when it kicks off 🙂

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